30 Guitar-Mistakes and how to fix them

You are already learning to play the guitar online and you don’t know if you’re doing everything right?

we have saved guitar students thousands of hours of practice!

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30 Student videos

The "most common" mistakes on the guitar and how to avoid them!

30 Progress Killers

A few facts about learning to play guitar online

Since there is no teacher who can intervene immediately in online guitar lessons, this is the best solution to avoid mistakes!

When I was studying music in Vienna, I wrote a paper about this topic. I was looking for a solution how to make online guitar lessons more successful. This scientifically based method sharpens your self-awareness.

You pay more attention to your guitar playing. 

What makes this online course special and so different from other learning programs

Are you already learning the guitar online on YouTube etc. but you are finding it difficult to follow the thread to reach your goal?

There are always the same mistakes that occur when learning to play the guitar online. My students were caught red-handed making these very mistakes.

This is exactly what makes the greatest impact when learning online!

Analysing mistakes with the help of student videos

This new method serves to promote your self-awareness and self-regulation. With the help of example videos from students, the most common mistakes are exposed in order to avoid these from the beginning. 

What the guitar students say

A guitar teacher on site took a quick look at my posture and couldn't find any mistakes. (That was important to me) I can only recommend the course !!!!
I wounder how can i get my fingers to run that fast? I did so many things wrong...
"Norman Gänser is a guitar teacher from Vienna ... Unlike other music teachers, he has developed a highly professional online guitar course. Today I would like to introduce you to a guitar course that is worth recommending"

How does this Online Course work?

No long talk! You get the first Progress-Killer video right after you sign up. You check yourself and fix it if necessary. Next day one more guitar-mistake will be unlocked in the membership zone. After 30 days all videos will be unlocked and you can watch them over and over again (unlimited access)!
The course videos can only be watched on the www.guitarschool24.com website. Videos cannot be downloaded for offline access. The Payment will be managed by DigiStore24 GmbH (DigiStore24.com)