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Learn Guitar For Beginners

Are you looking for an easy way to learn the basics in guitar playing through online self-study?

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Learn Guitar For Beginners

  • Hand Position
  • The playing of simple chords
  • Strumming Techniques
  • Warming up and technique drills
  • Coordination of right and left hands
  • Rhythmical training
  • Playing tunes
  • Playing from sheet music
  • Song accompaniment with open strings
  • The basics of music theory...
  • Development of the basic concept of sound quality

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Course Description

Avoid Mistakes With The Help Of Student Videos! ​

This method was developed so that you avoid 99% of the most common mistakes on the guitar from the very beginning! The new way to learn the guitar online

1.) Explanatory Video

Here you will find the new learning content prepared in a clear way and explained in simple terms. 

2.) Workout

Here you will find the music pieces to play along and the “exercises”, your warm-up and technique drills. 

3.) Analysing mistakes with the help of student videos 

This new method serves to promote your self-awareness and self-regulation. With the help of example videos from students, the most common mistakes are exposed in order to avoid these from the beginning. 

  • Are you a beginner and you have just acquired a guitar? 
  • Have you always wanted to learn the guitar, but you are not ready to take a teacher or go to a music school?


Don’t lose any time – start online now! 

  • The correct posture 
  • Tuning the guitar 
  • Tips and Tricks 
  • Playing tunes on the guitar 
  • Analysing the most common mistakes 
  • Introduction to playing chords 
  • Playing from sheet music
  • Warm up and technique drills 
  • The basics of music theory 


ONLINE Elementary Guitar 1 is said to be the ideal introduction to the world of the guitar and it gives beginners the most important basic knowledge of the “classical“ method (Fingerpicking, Fingerstyle) in a modern, contemporary way.  

When designing the courses consideration was given as to how the learning content could be conveyed meaningfully online, so as to give the students solid online training which is comparable to that of a music school.  

The course is constructed in a series of stages that build on each other and thus creates the best conditions for successful playing, regardless of which kind of guitar is to be played on later or what kind of music style you decide on in the future. 

To accompany the guitar book Online Elementary Guitar (PDF Download), you can find videos with all the contents of the 8 individual lessons in Part One and a further 8 lessons in Part Two – ONLINE Elementary Guitar 2  

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Learn how to play the guitar correctly from scratch 

Get a solid training on the guitar quite simply with online self-study.
Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or you can already play the first chords.  

100% Guaranteed Success 

Step by step with student videos and their most common mistakes, online workout, explanatory videos, tips…
No risk! You can get your money back within 14 days without giving a reason! 

No prior knowledge of music is necessary 

Receive training at a fraction of the cost of a music school. The course is designed in a series of simple stages and it offers the ideal conditions for successful playing. 

Online learning at the quality of a music school 

A guitar school with an elementary course according to the didactic criteria of music school pedagogy. After successfully completing the course you will receive a certificate from the

24/ 7

Determine the pace of your learning progress yourself. Watch the training sessions as often as you like. 

The advantages of an online course

  • Watch the videos wherever you happen to be, 
  • whenever you want to,
  • and as often as you want to!
  • Save a lot of money!
  • Determine your learning progress yourself. 
  • Save yourself a great deal of time and effort. 

Are you already learning the guitar online on YouTube etc. but you are finding it difficult to follow the thread to reach your goal? The “Online Elementary Guitar 1“ offers you the structure that you need in order to learn the guitar successfully. From the very beginning it is well constructed and sequential.  

Why should you take this online course? 

In other online courses you only see how playing the guitar works. Here you will also learn how it does not work. I have taken a close look at which mistakes occur again and again in online guitar lessons and I have responded to them. 

With the help of videos of my students you can see which mistakes you should avoid from the very beginning. The students were, so to speak, caught in the act, and it is exactly this effect which has the most impact on learning. 

The first analysis of guitar mistakes on the market! 

Get to know the basics of the concert guitar straightaway according to the “Classical Method“. You can play along with all the pieces immediately. In this way, at the same time, you will learn the basics of music theory and how to read music. 

Establish a firm basis for yourself. The basics are the key to your success! 

  • You can access the online guitar course via the login member zone.
  • You can watch the course at any time, 24/7 (on a PC, smartphone, or tablet) and you can download the Guitar Manual as often as you like as a PDF. 
  • The course has no expiry date and there are no monthly costs! Once purchased you always have access. There are no further charges and no running costs! 

Learning content for more than 3 years!