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Which guitar is suitable for a beginner?

There are vastly differing opinions on the subject of learning how to play the guitar. But everybody agrees on one point: The easiest way to start for an absolute beginner is with a classical or concert guitar. 

While a western or electric guitar has steel strings, a concert guitar has nylon ones. Nylon strings are much more malleable and thicker and are therefore easier to “pluck” and do not cut into the fingertips so much. This is a great advantage for the sensitive fingertips of a beginner! 

The fretboard of the concert guitar is wider than that of an electric or western guitar. The strings are therefore spaced further apart. This makes for a better grip. The fingers can be positioned more easily without unintentionally touching the other strings. A key benefit when it comes to developing the necessary fine finger motor skills.

The appropriate size of guitar for each age group can be seen in the table below:

It is of course also possible to start with a western or electric guitar! Musical styles such as Metal, Rock etc. sound very good on an electric guitar! 

If you would like to specialise in folk, blues, or pop as a singer songwriter, you should reach for a western guitar, which is also known as an “acoustic” guitar. 

Classical Guitar

Electric Guitar

Western Guitar

The best guitar for a beginner is therefore the one that suits you. If you are already the satisfied owner of a guitar, then feel free to play with it! Besides, switching is possible at any time! You can find further useful information on the subject of guitars here.