NOW OPEN: 4-Week Guitar Technique Challenge

Master the Guitar and develop a fast and clean technique!


weekly tasks and lessons

Finally master the Classical Guitar and develop a fast and clean technique!

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What the guitar students say

I'm absolutely loving this course, and the weekly tasks have been a game-changer for me. The finger exercises have significantly improved my playing!
I wounder how can i get my fingers to run that fast? I did so many things wrong...
Hobby Guitarrist
I started with posting my guitar videos on instagram recently. Amazing tips and inspiration...
After work guitar player

Your weekly guitar lessons

Our course is structured like weekly guitar lessons! 
  • Each week, you’ll follow our structured lessons and complete your weekly homework. These exercises are the cornerstone of building muscle memory and developing a relaxed and precise technique.
  • In your course journey, you’ll have access to a comprehensive course PDF workbook that provides step-by-step explanations for every exercise and workout.
  • This valuable resource will guide you through the learning process and ensure you’re on the path to guitar mastery.

Premium in depht lessons

  • Have you spent endless hours watching YouTube tutorials or practicing without making real progress?

  • Master a guitar technique that ensures consistent progress! The lessons are incredibly detailed and provide more in-depth instruction compared to other guitar courses.

  • You can contact Yaroslava during this course to request personal feedback.

How does this 4-Week Guitar Technique Challenge work?

Yaroslava is part of the AUGUSTINE strings artist family. She plays in some renowned concerts halls. She won prizes in various guitar competitions.

Get started with the first tutorial videos immediately. Practice your weekly assignments, and unlock a new lesson in the membership area every week. As a bonus, after 4 weeks (+2 bonus weeks), all videos will be fully unlocked, providing you with unlimited access to review and refine your skills whenever you like!
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Yaroslava Ihnatenko

“Equipped with a brilliant technique,  genuine musicality and deep musical understanding, for Yaroslava Ihnatenko seems to exist no boundaries with whatever she plays. Her unique warm-hearted yet energetic stage presence makes it a great joy for everyone to listen to one of the new stars of her generation. ” – Prof. Alexander-Sergei Ramírez

Yaroslava Ihnatenko was born in 1998 in Sumy, Ukraine. She began her classical guitar studies with twelve years old at the Central musical school of Sumy. Later she went to the Sumy College of Music and Arts, where she was supported with a national scholarship. She continued her guitar studies in Kyiv Institute of Music. There she graduated with honours and highest grades.

In summer 2019 Yaroslava began her studies at Robert Schumann Hochschule fuer Musik in Duesseldorf, where she is currently studying. She is teaching guitar at the Niederkassel Music School.

Yaroslava is part of the AUGUSTINE strings artist family. She plays in some renowned concerts halls. She won prizes in various guitar competitions.

Yaroslava shares her daily progress on the guitar with more than 100,000 instagram followers. In this course she teaches the right technique to master this pieces. Your step by step guide to the perfect guitar technique!